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Where precise engineering meets high quality workmanship. 

What We Do


Some of our design include mechanical design of Pressure Vessels, Waste Heat Boilers, Air Preheaters, De-Aerators and much more.


We specialize in the manufacture of Pressure Vessels, Tanks, De-aerators, Waste Heat Boilers, Air Preheaters, Pressure Piping, structural steel work, and much more.


We supply many quality products to our clients such as: Process Columns, Shell and Tube Exchangers, Piping and much more

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Quality & HSE Policy

SHM Engineering has our HSE policies, & procedures audited by NOSA, with a successful 3 star grading. This certification has confirmed we are in line with ISO 45001:2018.

SHM Engineering has implemented and maintains a Quality Management system complying with ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our Quality management System outlines objectives, organizational structure, Q.A. policies and procedures. It provides for the generation of full Q.C. documentation when required by the client.

SHM Engineering is committed to supply high quality products and services and is fully committed to Design, Manufacture to the following codes and or any other client requirements.